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Today I thought I'd repost some of the choicest adverts from issues 1-30 of ACE. I'd already posted them on a forum, but I think they deserve a little more permanent airing.

First off is this little doozy for a game called Mindstone from perennial pains up the arse The Edg* (yes, I'm censoring myself to avoid tediousness given how litigious they've been in the past). Quite how this was supposed to attract potential buyers I have no idea. I propose a modern remake called Derp Squad.

Digging a little bit reveals it was an RPG which garnered quite good reviews from CRASH, C&VG and Sinclair User, but with an mediocre one from your Sinclair. With it being the 8-bit era, it's quite interesting to see the disparity between the advert and the in-game characters.

Next up, Web of Terror!

I'm always quite taken aback how white-male muscle heavy the 80s ads were. Given the hero's pose I can only assume he was in the middle of flexing when the spiders webbed him up. You can tell he's on steroids by the size of that raygun.

The true art of this ad is again the disparity between the ad-art and the in-game shots. Especially as in-game you're controlling a spaceship find its way thgrough a maze.

And last, but certainly not least, Times of Lore.

Hmm. Let's take a closer look at that, shall we?

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