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Intestinal Fauna
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Private Pyle
"ok YOU try having a fictional relationship with someone after they'd fictionally used you for marzipanning trepanning while they wore fictional upset toddlers as legs, and not be bitter"
  Mr Beatings
  Marrowfat Peas - 27 February 2007

Flying at yo face. Picture section

  Frenzy! - 26 February 2007

Phew. It's coming in your face like a firehose! Picture section

  More new stuff - 25 February 2007

I've been working on this for a week or so now. It's in the Picture section. Yeah.

  Today's the day that this big bear had his picnic. - 13 February 2007

Reinstated the Bad Things section culled from the old website. Exorcised a lot of junk from the early ones. By the Gods they were bad.

Add some stuff to The Dump.

Astute readers will also notice some crazy little men adorning the screen. Take the pills, you're ill.

  ARGH! - 09 February 2007

It's come to my attention that some underhanded scrote has spoofed my email address and is now using it to send out spam. How do I know? Because I received a spam email apparently from myself the other day.

I assure you, any spam you may receive from dimrill [hat on a stick] was not sent by me.

It's doubly infuriating because my main email addy is now on thousands of spam filters and won't get through in some cases. It's probably partly my fault for leaving my email address linked to mailto: on the old site for so long unattended.

Scum fucking spambot cunts.

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